Fun with digital participation

Thank you very much my dear friend Abbas Adel
I really want to thank my dear friend Abbas ‘one of those co-founders’ of project,  simply this project is like a crime reporting system.
Today we were at the German embassy applying for the German VISA as we were invited by the UNESCO German partner “The Global Experience” to participate in their workshops and do some other staff related to digital participation and how this trend is playing a big important role today in everybody’s life.
My interest here not just because this project, although I do appreciate it so much, but as I see some of Egyptian youth are doing great ideas and projects with simple and well-engineered way which is really something I do like so much.

Recently, this great group of youth launched a very very simple website called which is very simple idea that aims to monitor the elected Egyptian president’s Dr.Mohamed Morsi performance, and how much he did his promise to all Egyptian in the first 100 days of his period.

Here is the fun I always get from this great group “Simplicity” and this is always makes me so much enthusiastic of working or doing even it is a very little task with this great group.