Bitcoin exchange virtual currency .. What the hake is that !!

Have you ever heard about this new virtual digital currency!! Don’t worry if you didn’t !!

Leading Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has released a new website that provides a simple explanation of what Bitcoin actually is. The site,, is essentially a tutorial on the virtual currency, a single unit of which last week reached the price of US $1,000 for the first time ever last week. Mt. Gox’s site walks users through the basics — what Bitcoin is, why people use it, and how it works — before leading into a step-by-step guide on how to get started. It’s certainly not a comprehensive rundown, but the site could prove useful for the uninitiated or those who struggle to understand the Bitcoin concept.

Mt. Gox also released a new one-time password (OTP) card this week as part of an effort to strengthen the security of user accounts. The OTP card, announced Wednesday, allows users to set one-time passwords for their Mt. Gox accounts, thereby preventing hackers and scammers from gaining access to compromised accounts. (Security has been an ongoing issue for Mt. Gox and other Bitcoin-related services.) And, like many other companies this week, Mt. Gox is offering a Black Friday deal: zero-percent trading fees for four days. The promotion runs from Friday morning through midnight on Monday (Tokyo time).

So many cities started to take this seriously, for example Hong Kong where i live right now as serious miners have started to build dedicated facilities for the sole purpose of Bitcoin mining. Journalist Xiaogang Cao visited one such center in Hong Kong, the “secret mining facility” of ASICMINER, reportedly located in a Kwai Chung industrial building Check out this link here to get to know the full story of those miners

Believe it or not, a black market for Bitcoin exists and so many people are taking it seriously, and last week some of EU Parliament proposed an idea why not starting considering the Bitcoin as an official currency exactly like the Euro .. who knows 🙂


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