Which is cheaper for your work — Amazon or Google Cloud? Ask Cloudyn

Finally it is a legitimate competition .. #Amazon AWS Vs #Google GCE !!


Cloudyn , which has offered  a cloud monitor and cost allocation service for Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, is adding support for Google Compute Engine(s goog). Not only that, it will look at your workloads and advise you when it might be cheaper to run it in, say, Google vs. AWS or vice versa, the first of several cloud monitoring and cost analysis companies to offer that capability, said Cloudyn CEO Sharon Wagner.

This is the latest sign that while Google’s cloud may be a feisty upstart compared to market leader Amazon, it’s getting some good looks from third-party partners and customers. Rightscale, a multi-cloud analysis and monitoring system was early to this game, not only supporting Google cloud last year but becoming an early reseller.

But back to Cloudyn. It’s done the research, Wagner told me. “We took 500 clients from our installed base and looked at how they could…

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