Installing R on Ubuntu 12.04

Installing #R #Rstudio on #Ubuntu, pretty well explained!

Notes on Ubuntu (Linux) computing

I install R using the instructions at (direct link to instructions). At the website, click ‘Download R for Linux’ then ‘ubuntu’ to get the most up-to-date instructions. Following these instructions, my process was as follows:

Add the repository, using the CRAN server of your choice (I use UCLA here) and the appropriate Ubuntu version (I use precise for Ubuntu 12.04):

For security, get the key and add it to your keyring (NOTE: the CRAN website says that some people are having issues with this step — if the commands here do not work for you, check there for latest information):

Next, update and install (the documentation says you might want to install r-base-dev as well, but I found this package is already included using the commands below):

Installing packages

To install package not in the base set, use the following commands

Now, inside R, install package packagename

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